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Leaders Pay Tribute to the Architect of Indian Unity

On the occasion of National Unity Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Droupadi Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and a host of notables paid heartfelt tributes to the “Iron Man of India,” Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, on his 148th birth anniversary. This day, observed on October 31, marks a celebration of the unparalleled legacy of Sardar Patel, who played a pivotal role in uniting the diverse princely states into the modern nation of India.

Modi’s Homage and Tribute at the Statue of Unity

Prime Minister Modi, currently in his home state of Gujarat, took a moment to reflect on the visionary statesmanship and unwavering dedication of Sardar Patel, who, through a blend of persuasion and firmness, wove together a nation that was a tapestry of princely territories. In his message, the Prime Minister said, “On the Jayanti of Sardar Patel, we remember his indomitable spirit, visionary statesmanship, and the extraordinary dedication with which he shaped the destiny of our nation. His commitment to national integration continues to guide us. We are forever indebted to his service.” Modi further honored Sardar Patel by laying floral wreaths at the imposing Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue dedicated to the great leader.

Sardar Patel: Architect of Unity and Nationalist Leader

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, born into a landowning family in Gujarat in 1875, was an eminent lawyer and a prominent Congress leader during the struggle for India’s independence. His role as the first home minister of independent India was pivotal in bringing together over 565 self-governing princely states into a unified India. His relentless pursuit of national integration earned him the revered title “Iron Man of India.”

Celebrating National Unity Day: Honoring the Unifier

The significance of October 31 as National Unity Day is rooted in its recognition of Sardar Patel’s remarkable feat of persuading princely states to join the Indian Union. As the Central government declared, this day serves as an opportunity to reaffirm India’s strength and resilience in the face of challenges to its unity, integrity, and security.

Sardar Patel’s Early Years: Education, Law, and Satyagraha

Sardar Patel’s legacy goes beyond his political achievements. His early years were marked by a strong commitment to education and law. He ventured to London for legal studies and returned to India as a distinguished barrister in criminal law. His association with Mahatma Gandhi and the principles of satyagraha reshaped his life, leading him to become a nationalist leader.

The Leader Emerges: Bardoli and Mass Campaigns

In 1918, Sardar Patel’s leadership emerged during the Kaira mass campaigns against the Bombay government’s attempt to collect full annual revenue taxes despite crop failures. He later led the Bardoli landowners’ resistance in 1928, earning him the title ‘Sardar’ or leader, and cementing his status as a national figure.

Post-Independence Achievements and Legacy

Post-independence, Sardar Patel’s contributions were multifaceted. He served as deputy prime minister, minister of home affairs, minister of information, and minister of states, but his most enduring legacy is the seamless integration of princely Indian states into the Indian Union and the unification of India.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s life of dedication to his country culminated on December 15, 1950, when he passed away in Bombay after suffering a massive heart attack. His legacy lives on, celebrated on National Unity Day as India continues to draw inspiration from his vision of unity and integrity.

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In an electrifying showdown that captured the essence of one of the world’s greatest sporting rivalries, India blazed its way to a resounding 7-wicket victory over Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. This clash of cricket titans not only cemented India’s dominance but also sent shockwaves through the sporting world.

A Dominating Display

From the very first delivery, India’s intent was clear. The Indian bowlers staged a remarkable comeback, stunning Pakistan’s batting lineup in the middle overs. Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Mohammed Siraj, and Ravindra Jadeja orchestrated a relentless attack, picking up crucial wickets. Pakistan, initially at 155/2, collapsed to a mere 191 all out. Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan’s partnership, which seemed menacing, was dismantled after two well-timed strikes by Siraj and Pandya.

Rohit’s Heroics

Chasing down the target, India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, continued his sensational form from the previous match against Afghanistan. Rohit, along with Virat Kohli, orchestrated a lightning-quick start, racking up 39 runs off 24 balls in just 42 balls. Shubman Gill made an impressive return, scoring 16 off 11 balls. Despite some hiccups in the middle order, India cruised to victory with Rohit leading the charge.

Stadium Echoes with Cheers

The world’s largest cricket stadium, Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium, pulsated with over 130,000 fans who witnessed a historic clash. The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd’s cheers reached a crescendo as India dominated every facet of the game. The resounding victory left the stadium awash with jubilation and pride.

A Rivalry Unlike Any Other

This fixture has evolved into more than just a cricket match; it’s a global sporting spectacle. Statistics reflect its magnitude, and there’s hardly an empty seat in the stadium when India and Pakistan lock horns. The rivalry transcends boundaries and brings goosebumps from the national anthem to the final delivery.

Beyond Cricket

In this World Cup spectacle, cricket met glamour as Bollywood artists like Shankar Mahadevan and Arijit Singh added a touch of showbiz to the proceedings. The anticipation, the stakes, and the fanfare for this clash were unlike anything else in the sporting world.

India’s emphatic victory has now propelled them to the top of the points table, setting the stage for an enthralling World Cup campaign. With an overwhelmed and exuberant crowd, the resounding cheers of “India! India!” echoed through the stadium, making this win a momentous and unforgettable chapter in cricket history.

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‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath’ Campaign Sees Massive Participation

On the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s 153rd birth anniversary, a nationwide cleanliness drive has been launched as part of the ‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath’ campaign. This initiative, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aims to prepare for the upcoming celebrations of Gandhi Jayanti by promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and community participation.

Citizens from all walks of life, including politicians and students, have enthusiastically responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a nationwide cleanliness drive. The ‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath’ campaign encourages an hour-long “shramdaan” (voluntary labor) to foster cleanliness and hygiene across the nation.

The campaign, aligned with the Swachh Bharat Mission, seeks to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of a clean and hygienic India, bringing his ideals of self-discipline and community service to the forefront. The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry reported that more than 9.20 lakh sites throughout the country have been earmarked for this significant cleanliness initiative. These sites encompass public areas, educational institutions, government offices, and residential neighborhoods.

Participants, armed with brooms and a commitment to cleanliness, have come forward to clean and rejuvenate their surroundings, ensuring a clean environment for the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. The ‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath’ campaign emphasizes the pivotal role cleanliness plays in securing a healthier and more sustainable future for India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his appeal, highlighted the importance of individual and collective efforts in maintaining a clean environment and preventing pollution. The campaign serves as a reflection of Mahatma Gandhi’s timeless teachings, fostering unity and shared responsibility among citizens to work towards a cleaner and more prosperous India.

As India commemorates the 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2, this initiative stands as a testament to his enduring legacy. It underscores the unwavering commitment of the Indian populace to realize Gandhi’s dream of a Swachh Bharat.

The ‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath’ campaign sets the stage for grand Gandhi Jayanti celebrations and reiterates the power of collective action and the determination of the Indian people to create a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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