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The World’s 1st Children’s Environmental Education Conference-2023, organizing by the World Environment Council and the International Environmental Studies Olympiad in India (IESO)

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WEC Founder & President Prof. Ganesh Channa announced today The World’s 1st Children’s Environmental Education Conference-2023, organized by the World Environment Council and the International Environmental Studies Olympiad in India, is expected to have several event highlights that make it a unique and impactful experience for participants.

Here are some possible conference event highlights:

  1. Keynote Speeches: Renowned environmentalists, scientists, or educators deliver inspiring keynote speeches, setting the tone for the conference and emphasizing the importance of environmental education for children.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops led by experts provide hands-on learning experiences for children. These workshops may cover topics such as biodiversity, climate change, sustainable practices, waste management, renewable energy, conservation, and more.
  3. Student Presentations: Participants have the opportunity to showcase their environmental projects, research, or ideas through presentations. This allows children to share their initiatives, learn from each other, and gain confidence in presenting their work.
  4. Expert Talks: Invited experts deliver informative talks on specific environmental issues, providing valuable insights and knowledge to participants. These talks can cover emerging environmental challenges, innovative solutions, and the importance of collective action.
  5. Panel Discussions: Panel discussions bring together experts, educators, and children to discuss pressing environmental challenges, potential solutions, and the role of children in driving change. These discussions encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and the exchange of diverse perspectives.
  6. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: The conference provides networking sessions and virtual breakout rooms for participants to connect with peers, educators, and professionals. These opportunities foster collaboration, idea sharing, and the formation of partnerships for future environmental initiatives.
  7. Virtual Exhibitions: Online booths or virtual exhibition spaces allow sponsors, organizations, and NGOs to showcase their work, initiatives, and resources related to environmental education and sustainability. Participants can explore these exhibitions, access valuable information, and interact with representatives.
  8. Cultural Exchange: The conference may feature presentations, performances, or videos that celebrate the connection between different cultures and the environment. This highlights the diverse approaches to environmental stewardship and promotes cross-cultural understanding.
  9. Action-oriented Initiatives: The conference may introduce specific action-oriented initiatives, encouraging participants to take steps towards positive environmental change. This can include pledging commitments, starting community projects, or implementing sustainable practices in their daily lives.
  10. Closing Ceremony: The conference concludes with a memorable closing ceremony that recaps the highlights of the event, acknowledges participants’ contributions, and reinforces the importance of continued environmental education and action.                                        It’s important to note that these highlights are based on general expectations and can vary depending on the specific agenda and goals set by the conference organizers.

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