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Prime Minister Narendra Modi used a AI tool called ‘Bhashini’ to translate his speech during an event in Varanasi. The AI-driven language translation system allows people to communicate in their own language while conversing with speakers of different Indian languages.

Expressing his optimism about the technology, PM Modi remarked, “This was my first experience. As usual, I speak in Hindi and AI will translate it to Tamil.” He addressed the audience at the Kashi Tamil Sangamam, highlighting the significance of the bond between Tamil Nadu and Varanasi as “unique.”

“This is a new beginning, and hopefully, it makes it easier for me to reach you,” the Prime Minister added, emphasizing the potential of AI to connect with a wider audience.

The innovative AI tool, ‘Bhashini,’ facilitated seamless real-time translation, enabling effective communication between speakers of different Indian languages. PM Modi praised the people of Kashi, expressing confidence that they would wholeheartedly embrace the visitors from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry during the month-long Kashi Tamil Sangamam.

The event, hosting around 1,400 dignitaries from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, promises a cultural extravaganza, featuring exchange programs and an exhibition showcasing the rich tapestry of art, music, handloom, handicrafts, cuisines, and other distinctive products from both Tamil Nadu and Varanasi.

As India celebrates this technological milestone, the use of ‘Bhashini’ marks a significant step towards bridging linguistic barriers, fostering unity, and promoting cultural exchange on a national scale. PM Modi’s embrace of AI for language translation opens doors to enhanced communication and understanding among diverse linguistic communities within the country.

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