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Google has expanded the reach of its Gemini app, an AI-driven chatbot, to more than 150 countries and territories, including India. Initially launched for Android users on February 8, the Gemini app has gained attention for its innovative features. The app is now accessible in English, Korean, and Japanese, catering to a diverse global audience.

The expansion aims to bring the power of AI-driven conversations to users worldwide. Notably, there is no dedicated Gemini app for iOS, but iPhone users can access Gemini through a toggle within the Google app, unlocking the chatbot’s capabilities.

To use the Gemini app on Android, users need a device with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and operating on Android 12 or later. Similarly, iPhone users with iOS 16 or later can interact with the chatbot through the Google app, activating the feature via a toggle in the top-right corner. Currently, the app supports English, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Gemini’s global rollout commenced recently and is expected to continue over the next few days, allowing users worldwide to seamlessly integrate the chatbot into their digital experiences. Users must be signed in to a personal Google Account or a Workspace account with the feature enabled by the administrator.

Addressing user concerns, Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product at Google overseeing Gemini, mentioned that restrictions on image uploading and generation were being relaxed. He emphasized responsible alignment on refusals for both images and text. Additionally, Krawczyk acknowledged user feedback regarding clarity on the assistant’s capabilities over Google Assistant and assured improvements in communication on features in progress versus those already available.

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A huge leap: OpenAI, the innovative force behind ChatGPT, is reportedly advancing into the realm of cutting-edge AI agents. These agents are designed to revolutionize artificial intelligence by seamlessly taking control of users’ devices to automate intricate tasks. As competition in the AI chatbot sector heats up with giants like Google and Microsoft, OpenAI seems poised to introduce a transformative product that could reshape the landscape of AI.

According to reports from The Information, OpenAI is actively developing two distinct AI agents. The first exhibits the ability to take charge of a user’s device, streamlining tasks like transferring information between documents, managing spreadsheets, and effortlessly inputting expense reports into accounting systems. These tasks, typically requiring human intervention, involve multiple keyboard inputs and navigation across various applications.

Crucially, the effectiveness of this AI agent hinges on explicit user permission to assume control of the device, with the relevant files stored locally. OpenAI is said to have trained this agent using human-computer interaction samples, gaining insights into how individuals navigate diverse applications.

The second AI agent reportedly focuses on web-based tasks, such as booking flight tickets, gathering publicly available data, and creating event plans. While the release date remains undisclosed, reports suggest that OpenAI has dedicated over a year to the meticulous development of these AI agents.

This revelation coincides with discussions led by OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, who is reportedly in talks with investors to secure additional funding. The Wall Street Journal reports that Altman’s objective is to bolster global chip-building capabilities, further solidifying OpenAI’s standing in the field of artificial intelligence. As OpenAI pushes the boundaries of AI innovation, the industry anticipates the unveiling of these highly awaited AI agents, poised to redefine device automation.

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Researchers have introduced a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) tool called “Life2vec,” capable of forecasting an individual’s personality traits and predicting their lifespan. Using transformer models similar to those behind ChatGPT, Life2vec analyzes sequences of life events, such as health history, education, employment, and income, providing highly accurate predictions surpassing existing models.

AI Advancement: Life2vec, developed on transformer models, demonstrates exceptional accuracy in predicting personality traits and lifespans. It utilizes extensive life event data from the entire population of Denmark.

Remarkable Predictive Capabilities: The tool showcases unparalleled accuracy in foreseeing future events, emphasizing lifespan predictions, based on a dataset encompassing diverse life experiences.

Cautionary Approach: Despite its advanced capabilities, researchers stress that Life2vec is a foundation for future work rather than a tool for real-world predictions on specific individuals. Its specificity to the Danish population warrants caution in direct application.

Human-Centered Perspective: Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad from Northeastern University highlights the importance of recognizing the tool’s limitations. She suggests involving social scientists in AI development to maintain a human-centered perspective amid vast datasets.

Comprehensive Reflection of Human Life: Life2vec’s strength lies in its comprehensive reflection of human life, considering various factors such as income, education, and health. It adapts the transformer model approach from language to sequences of human life events.

Predictive Elements: Life2vec predicts intricate aspects, including the probability of mortality. The visual representation shows a cylinder progressing from low to high probabilities of death, with outcomes influenced by unexpected events.

Ethical Considerations: While celebrating its unprecedented predictive capabilities, researchers urge a careful and ethical approach to the tool’s application. Life2vec opens new avenues for understanding human life but requires cautious and responsible implementation.

As Life2vec marks a significant leap in AI capabilities, researchers emphasize its potential as a stepping stone for future developments, urging ethical considerations and responsible use in unlocking insights for improved outcomes based on insightful data analysis.

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Since the recent launch of ChatGPT, AI discussions have been buzzing worldwide. Several tech giants have introduced their AI models, and now Google has joined the race with the unveiling of ‘Gemini AI,’ an advanced Artificial Intelligence model.

Claiming to be smarter than existing models, Google has introduced its Advanced Artificial Intelligence model ‘Gemini AI.’ Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, shared that this model draws inspiration from human conversations. In simple terms, it aims to understand interactions between individuals, shaping the development of this AI model.

Developed collaboratively by DeepMind and Google Research teams, Gemini AI is capable of handling various tasks, including text, images, audio, and coding. It offers three versions: ‘Ultra’ for complex tasks, ‘Pro’ for multitasking, and ‘Nano’ for on-device operations.

Available on Google Board Soon

Google Assistant and Board’s Vice President Sisi Hsiao revealed that Gemini Pro version will launch on Board from December 6, offering specialized support. This chatbot will assist users in comprehending stories, summarizing information, engaging in debates, coding, and outlining plans.

New Year, New Features

Starting next year, Gemini Ultra version will also be supported on Google Board. With multi-model reasoning capabilities, Gemini Ultra promises to excel in understanding high-quality code in various coding languages, making it a valuable tool for comprehending, explaining, and generating new code.

Accessible Across 170+ Countries

Google plans to roll out Gemini Pro initially with text-based prompts, with multi-model support coming later. The new AI will be available in over 170 countries, expanding its accessibility. While English will be the initial language, support for additional languages is on the horizon.

Google’s commitment to evolving AI models like Gemini AI reflects a global effort to bring smarter, more intuitive technology to users worldwide. Stay tuned for updates as Google continues to push the boundaries of conversational AI

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