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OpenAI has recently taken a groundbreaking step by announcing the release of its new end-to-end multimodal model, ChatGPT 4o, which is now available for free to all users. This strategic move not only makes advanced AI technology accessible to a wider audience but also introduces a suite of premium features that were previously exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the differences between ChatGPT 4o and its predecessor, ChatGPT 4, and explore the implications for both free and premium users.

ChatGPT Free vs. ChatGPT Plus: A Detailed Comparison

Feature Availability

FeatureChatGPT FreeChatGPT Plus
Models AvailableGPT-4o, GPT-3.5GPT-4o, GPT-4, GPT-3.5
Internet AccessYesYes
File and Document UploadYesYes
Analyze Data & Create ChartsYesYes
Upload & Analyze ImagesYesYes
Access Custom GPTYesYes
Create Custom GPTNoYes
Explore GPT StoreYesYes
Message Limits10 queries on GPT-4o (every 5 hours, rest on GPT-3.5)5x more on GPT-4o than free users
Voice ConversationOld Voice ModeNatural Voice Conversation (Upcoming)
Access to Upcoming ModelsNoYes

Performance and Capabilities: Head-to-Head Comparison

Reasoning and Problem-Solving Tests

1. Drying Time Calculation
Question: If it takes 1 hour to dry 15 towels under the Sun, how long will it take to dry 20 towels?
Performance: Both ChatGPT 4o and ChatGPT 4 utilized logical reasoning to determine that it would also take 1 hour to dry 20 towels, as drying time depends on exposure rather than the number of items.

2. The Elevator Test
Question: Starting on floor 1, I take the magic elevator 3 floors up. Exiting the elevator, I then use the stairs to go 3 floors up again. Which floor do I end up on?
Performance: Both models correctly answered floor 4, demonstrating their ability to follow multi-step instructions and solve complex puzzles.

3. Weight Comparison
Question: What’s heavier, a kilo of feathers or a pound of steel?
Performance: Both ChatGPT 4o and ChatGPT 4 accurately stated that a kilo of feathers is heavier than a pound of steel, showcasing their understanding of weight and measurement conversions.

4. Instruction Following
Task: Generate 10 sentences that end with the word “deep learning”.
Performance: Both models successfully created 10 sentences ending with “deep learning,” illustrating their proficiency in following detailed user instructions.

5. Basic Arithmetic
Question: I have 3 apples today, yesterday I ate an apple. How many apples do I have now?
Performance: Both models correctly responded that there are still 3 apples, highlighting their accuracy in basic arithmetic operations.

Benchmark Achievements: Setting New Standards

OpenAI’s internal benchmark tests reveal that ChatGPT 4o not only matches but exceeds the performance of GPT-4 in several key areas. On the MMLU benchmark, ChatGPT 4o achieved a score of 88.7, surpassing the latest GPT-4 model’s score of 86.5. This superior performance is consistent across various benchmarks, including HumanEval, MATH, and GPQA, indicating ChatGPT 4o’s robust capabilities in diverse tasks.

Moreover, ChatGPT 4o operates at twice the speed of GPT-4 and is 50% cheaper to run, making it a remarkably efficient and cost-effective choice for users. This increased efficiency and reduced cost further enhance the appeal of ChatGPT 4o, particularly for users who require fast and reliable AI assistance.

Implications for Users: Free and Premium

With the introduction of ChatGPT 4o, free users now have unprecedented access to a top-tier AI model. The limit of 10 messages every five hours is a generous allowance that enables users to experience state-of-the-art AI capabilities at no cost. This democratization of advanced AI technology marks a significant shift in how people can interact with and benefit from AI tools.

For power users who rely on ChatGPT for intensive tasks, the ChatGPT Plus subscription remains a valuable investment. Premium users enjoy enhanced performance, a higher message limit, and early access to upcoming frontier models. These benefits are particularly important for professionals who depend on AI for critical and complex tasks, making the subscription a worthwhile upgrade.

Conclusion: A Game-Changing Development

OpenAI’s decision to offer ChatGPT 4o for free is a transformative move that broadens access to cutting-edge AI technology. By providing free users with advanced features and maintaining robust options for premium users, OpenAI has set a new standard in the AI landscape. This initiative not only empowers a wider audience but also fosters greater innovation and application of AI in various fields.

As ChatGPT 4o becomes widely available, users can look forward to leveraging its powerful capabilities to enhance productivity, creativity, and problem-solving. Whether for casual use or professional applications, the availability of ChatGPT 4o represents a significant step forward in making AI accessible and beneficial to all.

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