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Adani Enterprises Ltd’s subsidiary, Kutch Copper Ltd (KCL), is on the brink of inaugurating the world’s largest single-location copper manufacturing plant in Mundra, Gujarat. This monumental $1.2-billion facility, set to initiate operations in its first phase by March-end, aims to significantly reduce India’s reliance on copper imports, catering to the escalating demand driven by industries such as renewable energy, telecom, and electric vehicles.

Strategic Move to Bolster India’s Copper Independence

Kutch Copper, a greenfield copper refinery boasting an eventual capacity of 1 million tonnes per annum, is strategically positioned to bolster India’s copper independence. The first phase, with a production capacity of 0.5 million tonnes per annum, is scheduled to be operational by March-end. The entire facility is projected to reach its full-scale production capacity by FY29 (March 2029), reinforcing India’s position in the global copper market.

Adani’s Ambition to Lead Global Copper Industry

Adani Enterprises, with an eye on global leadership in the copper industry, envisions leveraging its robust presence in resource trading, logistics, renewable power, and infrastructure. The group aspires to establish the world’s largest copper smelting complex by 2030, a bold ambition that aligns with India’s increasing copper consumption and demand.

Adani’s Strategic Investment in Energy Transition

In the context of energy transition, Adani’s substantial investment in the copper business positions it strategically. With a focus on clean energy systems, electric vehicles, and associated applications, the Adani Group recognizes the pivotal role copper plays. The group’s expansion into adjacent areas complements its capabilities, making the copper business a seamless fit in its broader strategy.

Revolutionary Impact on India’s Copper Consumption

India’s per capita copper consumption, currently estimated at approximately 0.6 kg, pales in comparison to the global average of 3.2 kg. The impending surge in domestic copper demand, driven by the country’s commitment to clean energy systems and the proliferation of electric vehicles, is expected to double by 2030. Kutch Copper’s operation is poised to contribute significantly to meeting this rising demand.

Addressing Import Challenges and Catering to Byproduct Production

With India’s copper imports consistently escalating over the past five years, Kutch Copper emerges as a vital solution to bridging the demand-supply gap. The plant’s integrated complex is expected to produce not only refined copper but also valuable byproducts, including gold, silver, selenium, platinum, sulphuric acid, and phosphoric acid. This diversification is crucial for India’s self-sufficiency in key industrial raw materials.

Adani’s Green Copper Initiatives and Environmental Impact

Kutch Copper is anticipated to be one of the most efficient and environmentally conscious copper smelters in India. Adani’s commitment to increasing the share of renewables in the overall energy mix aligns with its vision to be a proponent of ‘green copper.’ The emphasis on lower greenhouse gas emissions reflects Adani’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial practices.

Kutch Copper’s Projected Production Highlights

In Phase I, the plant is set to produce 500,000 tonnes of refined copper per annum, accompanied by approximately 25 tonnes of gold, 250 tonnes of silver, 1.5 million tonnes of sulphuric acid, and 250,000 tonnes of phosphoric acid. The subsequent Phase II expansion will elevate the refined copper capacity to an impressive 1 million tonnes per annum, solidifying Kutch Copper’s position as a global copper manufacturing powerhouse.

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