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November 26, 2023, Embracing Constitution Day! It’s a special day because we remember when we decided on the rules for our country, India.

Thinking About the Start:

On Constitution Day, we think about the first words of our rules. These words are in something called the Preamble. They talk about things like being fair, having freedom, being equal, and being friends with everyone. We like these ideas, and on this day, we say we still believe in them.

Rules to Protect Us:

Our Constitution also has rules to keep us safe and happy. It says we all have important rights. These are like promises that we should be treated well, no matter who we are. So, on Constitution Day, we say thank you to these rules for looking out for us.

How Our Country Works:

Our country works like a big team. There are different parts that do different jobs, like making rules, deciding things, and helping everyone. These parts work together and they make sure everything is fair.

Fixing Problems:

Sometimes, things change, and we need to fix our rules a bit. The Constitution lets us do that. So, on Constitution Day, we also think about what problems we have and how we can make things better.

Being Proud of Our Differences:

One great thing about our rules is that they say it’s awesome to be different. We have different languages, traditions, and ways of doing things. On Constitution Day, we say hooray for being different and for being friends with everyone!

Our Promise for the Future:

Constitution Day is like making a promise. We promise to follow our rules, be good to each other, and make our country better. It’s like saying, “Let’s do our best, India!”

So, let’s all embrace Constitution Day and be happy that we have good rules to make our country a great place to live!

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