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On the 82nd anniversary of the sacrifice made by Dr. Dwarka Nath Kotnis, a member of the Indian Medical Mission to China, a three-day free acupuncture treatment camp was organized at Janj Ghar Shasti Nagar near GT Bahdur Hospital in Ludhiana. During the camp, 86 patients received acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Inderjit Singh, the director of Dr. Kotnis Memorial Hospital, commemorated the 82nd anniversary by reflecting on the historical context. In 1937-38, amidst the severe Japanese aggression and the resistance of the Chinese people, Jawaharlal Nehru, a leader of the Indian National Congress, decided to send medical aid to China. Dr. Kotnis, along with a team of five members, including Dr. Aral, Dr. Cholkar, Dr. B.K. Basu, and Dr. Bebesh from Kolkata, was sent to China.

The medical mission worked diligently in various parts of China. Unfortunately, Dr. Mukherjee, Dr. Aral, and Dr. Cholkar had to return due to health issues. However, Dr. Basu and Dr. Kotnis stayed in China and joined the liberation movement of the Chinese people. Dr. Kotnis passed away in China on December 9, 1942, at the age of 32. Dr. Basu, after returning to India in July 1943, actively engaged in the Indian freedom movement.

In 1958, Dr. Basu went to China and learned acupuncture therapy. In 1959, he introduced acupuncture therapy in India, specifically in Kolkata. Despite the strained relations between India and China after the 1962 border conflict, Dr. Basu was invited to China in 1972, where he learned acupuncture anesthesia. In 1973, he started propagating the ideals of the medical mission through the service of people.

Dr. Kotnis Hospital has been serving the community for the past 48 years. In China, a museum was set up in Schchiachung to commemorate Dr. Kotnis, teaching the youth about the support India provided during their liberation movement.

Dr. Inderjit Singh, reflecting on Dr. Kotnis’s life, emphasized the enduring friendship between the two countries. He highlighted the need to remember the significant contribution of Indian people in aiding China during challenging times. As a tribute, free treatment camps were organized on this day to pay homage to Dr. Kotnis.

Prof. Ganesh Channa (Hometown from Dr. Kotnis Memorial Solapur) visited Dr. Kotnis hospital and meet with Dr. Inderjit Singh on 13th Dec 2023 at Ludhiana.

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