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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed newly registered voters, urging them to wield the power of their votes against what he referred to as ‘parivarwadi’ (family-run) political entities. In a virtual interaction during the Namo Navmatdata Sammelan, PM Modi emphasized the youth’s role in combating corruption and nepotism.

Expressing his viewpoint, PM Modi remarked, “The mindset of leaders of these parties is anti-youth. You have to defeat these family-run parties with the strength of your votes.” He highlighted the significance of the youth’s inclusion in the democratic process during the current transformative period in India.

Addressing the participants, he said, “You all have a great opportunity to decide how you can get your names etched with golden letters in a developed India. Our speed, direction, approach will be decided by you all, and voting will be one big medium of it.”

Emphasizing the impact of individual votes, PM Modi stated, “Your one vote has very big power. When there is a stable and full majority government in the country, then the nation can take big decisions.” He underlined the importance of a stable government for making substantial decisions in the country’s interest.

Speaking on the numerous opportunities available for youngsters, PM Modi assured, “It is Modi’s guarantee that your dreams are my resolve,” reaffirming his commitment to prioritizing the youth in his policies.

Expressing delight at the participation of a significant number of young women in the event, PM Modi extended warm wishes on National Voters Day. He recognized the immense potential held by the youth in driving the nation towards progress and development.

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