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In just nine months, Rajiv Jain, an Indian-American investor, saw his firm’s investment in Adani Group shares skyrocket, gaining a whopping ₹17,000 crore.

The Rise of Adani Shares:

Rajiv Jain, the founder of GQG Partners, made a smart move in March by investing in Adani Group shares. Back then, Adani faced challenges, losing nearly 2/3rd of its market value after a report by an American conglomerate. Jain’s early support was crucial, bringing back confidence in the conglomerate.

A Remarkable Turnaround:

Since Jain’s investment, the Adani Group’s market value has soared, rising by billions of dollars. Adani, which faced skepticism, got a boost from Jain’s backing. The conglomerate’s market value, once at $150 billion, has now experienced a remarkable turnaround.

Jain’s Investment Success:

Jain invested ₹20,360 crore initially, and thanks to the rally in Adani shares, the portfolio’s value has ballooned to ₹37,459 crore by December 5. This incredible increase of 84 percent translated into a profit of over ₹17,000 crore.

Recent Developments Boost Adani’s Fortunes:

Recent positive developments, including Adani’s green energy unit securing a $1.4 billion loan and favorable reports from Bloomberg News, further fueled the rally. The sentiments of Adani’s investors were lifted by the Supreme Court’s remark that media reports against the group weren’t always “gospel truth.”

About Rajiv Jain:

Rajiv Jain is the chairman and chief investment officer of GQG Partners, a company he founded in 2016. Born in India, Jain moved to the US in the 1990s to pursue an MBA in Miami. His strategic investment in Adani Group has not only reaped significant rewards for his firm but has also played a key role in Adani’s impressive comeback.


Rajiv Jain’s timely and confident investment in Adani Group shares has proven to be a game-changer, contributing to the conglomerate’s remarkable turnaround. As Adani continues its positive trajectory, Jain’s success story stands out as a testament to the impact of strategic and well-timed investments in the dynamic world of finance.

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