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Fostering responsible artificial intelligence (AI) development globally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit. Modi emphasized the need for a transparent and trusted AI framework, urging diplomats, ministers, and industry participants to proceed with caution and safety.

Global Call for Responsible AI:

Addressing a diverse audience, Modi highlighted the importance of a global framework for the responsible development of AI technologies. He expressed concerns about potential AI misuse through deepfakes, data theft, and by terrorists, urging for a cautious approach to ensure the evidence-based delivery of public services.

Transparent and Inclusive AI:

Modi stressed the importance of making AI systems transparent, transformative, and free from bias. He emphasized the need to convince people worldwide that AI is for their benefit and future, ensuring that no one is left behind. Transparency, according to Modi, is the key to building trust in AI technology.

GPAI’s Role and India’s Leadership:

The GPAI, comprising 28 nations and the European Union, collaborates to understand AI challenges and opportunities while promoting its responsible evolution. India, having assumed the GPAI chair for 2024, plays a crucial role in steering the global conversation on AI development.

Time-Bound Global Framework:

Modi called for the formulation of a global framework for AI within a specified timeframe, akin to international treaties and protocols. Urging prompt action, he emphasized completing the global framework within the year, considering AI as not just a technology but a worldwide movement that requires collective effort.

Inclusive AI Development:

Modi advocated for the inclusivity of AI development, emphasizing the importance of all ideas and participation from the Global South. He underscored the need to avoid exacerbating existing global inequalities, ensuring that AI development aligns with human values and democratic principles.

AI’s Potential in Various Sectors:

The summit also delved into the potential applications of AI in sectors such as agriculture, personalized education, and healthcare. Modi and other ministers highlighted how AI could enhance efficiency while maintaining ethical considerations and preserving space for emotions.

Addressing Challenges:

Deepfakes, data security, and the potential misuse of AI by terrorist groups were acknowledged as significant challenges. Modi called for discussions on preventing AI misuse and increasing the credibility of AI-generated information. The need for a risk and harm-based approach to AI regulation, with standardized testing procedures, was also emphasized.

Looking Ahead:

As the summit progresses, the global community awaits the outcomes and consensus on AI regulation. Modi’s call for transparent, inclusive, and responsible AI development sets the stage for a collaborative effort to harness the benefits of AI while mitigating potential risks. The world watches as leaders navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology.

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Meta Cleanup Mission

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, recently shared that they got rid of about 4,800 fake accounts. These accounts were part of a plan coming from China to mess with what people think about US politics, especially the 2024 presidential election.

China’s Double-Sided Game

In this game, the fake accounts didn’t pick sides. They criticized both the Democrats and Republicans using words copied from other sources. It’s like they were trying to stir up trouble without taking a specific side.

Meta’s Confusion and Response

Meta, the Big tech boss admitted they weren’t sure why this was happening. The fake accounts shared stuff from both sides of the political fence, making it tricky to figure out their real goal. Meta doesn’t know if they wanted to make people fight more, gain followers for certain politicians, or just look more real by sharing actual stuff.

China and Russia in the Spotlight

This year Meta has stopped five such tricky campaigns from China, more than any other country. They also shut down a group from Russia. This Russian gang spread stories about Russia invading Ukraine and made up fake media brands.

2024 Elections and Tech Trouble

As the 2024 elections get closer, people worry that tech platforms, like Facebook and others, could be used to cause problems. The US Department of Homeland Security warned that other countries might use fancy tech, like artificial intelligence, to mess with how much people trust the government and make things confusing.

Learning from the Past

This isn’t the first time. In the 2016 presidential election, Russia played with social media to make people fight. So, Meta is trying hard to stop this from happening again as the 2024 elections roll in. It’s a big job to make sure what you see online is real and not just someone trying to trick you.

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