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Prime Minister Narendra Modi lambasted previous administrations for their lack of vision and investment in modern technology, particularly in the semiconductor sector, during the inauguration of three semiconductor projects in Gujarat’s Dholera, collectively valued at approximately ₹1.25 lakh crore.

In a scathing critique, PM Modi highlighted the failure of past governments to seize opportunities in semiconductor manufacturing, dating back to the 1960s. He emphasized that India’s dream of becoming a semiconductor hub remained unfulfilled due to a dearth of bold decision-making and a neglect of high-tech sectors. Modi condemned the complacency of previous administrations, asserting that their reluctance to invest in semiconductor technology stemmed from a misconception that India, as a developing nation, was ill-equipped to manage such advanced industries.

“The previous governments were preoccupied with scams and neglected crucial investments in modern technology,” Modi remarked. “Their hesitation to prioritize semiconductor manufacturing hindered India’s progress and perpetuated the belief that a developing nation couldn’t excel in high-tech fields.”

The COVID-19 pandemic, according to Modi, underscored the necessity for a resilient supply chain, prompting India to assert its capabilities in this domain. Modi affirmed India’s readiness to assume a significant role in global semiconductor production, emphasizing that decisions and policies made today would bolster the nation strategically for the future.

Contrasting his administration’s forward-thinking approach with the regressive mindset of previous governments, Modi emphasized the imperative of advancing in the semiconductor sector to compete with developed nations while concurrently addressing pressing national priorities such as poverty alleviation, sanitation, and infrastructure development.

“India’s journey in the semiconductor sector marks a significant stride towards self-reliance and global competitiveness,” Modi declared. “We are determined not to squander any opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution, positioning India as a dynamic player on the world stage.”

Highlighting the inauguration of projects worth over ₹12 lakh crore since 2024, Modi reiterated his government’s commitment to transformative initiatives aimed at propelling India’s progress across multiple fronts.

In conclusion, Modi affirmed India’s resolve to break free from the shackles of past inertia and embrace a future characterized by innovation, resilience, and self-reliance.

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