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Krishnanagar, West Bengal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a powerful address at the ‘Bijoy Sankalpa Sabha’ in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, has outlined an ambitious electoral target for the state’s BJP, calling for a resounding victory in all 42 Lok Sabha seats. Modi, addressing a large gathering, launched a scathing critique of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC), alleging widespread corruption and setting the stage for an intense electoral battle.

Accusing the TMC of embodying “Tu, Main aur Corruption” (You, Me, and Corruption), Prime Minister Modi rallied the crowd, expressing confidence in the prospect of an overwhelming victory for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in West Bengal. “Seeing you all gathered here in such huge numbers is giving me the confidence to say ‘NDA sarkar, 400 paar'” (NDA government, beyond 400 seats), he declared.

In his address, Modi denounced the TMC for what he described as a legacy of atrocities, dynasty politics, and betrayal. He highlighted the disappointment among the people of West Bengal with the functioning of the state government, laying the groundwork for a narrative centered on change and good governance.

Referring to the troubling incidents in Sandeshkhali, where women accused TMC leaders of sexual abuse, Prime Minister Modi criticized the state government’s response. He alleged that instead of supporting the distressed women, the government sided with the accused, further emphasizing the need for a change in leadership.

“The mothers and sisters kept pleading for justice, but the TMC government did not listen to them. They took votes in the name of ‘Maa Mati Manush,’ but now the mothers and sisters are weeping in West Bengal. The situation in the state is such that here, the criminals decide when to get arrested,” Modi remarked.

As the political landscape intensifies in West Bengal, Prime Minister Modi’s call for winning all 42 Lok Sabha seats reflects the BJP’s strategic approach to emerge as a dominant force in the state. The stage is set for a fierce electoral battle, with both the BJP and the TMC gearing up for a high-stakes contest in the upcoming elections.

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