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New Delhi – With a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability, the World Environment Council’s President Prof. Ganesh Channa today is announcing the launch of its second global campaign for the “Environment Protection Bank” program, approved by the United Nations. Set to commence on 1st Jan 2024, this initiative is poised to make significant strides in instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in the hearts of students in schools and colleges across the globe.

The “Environment Protection Bank” program is a pioneering effort designed to empower educational institutions to become active contributors to environmental conservation. Endorsed by the United Nations, the program introduces a unique approach to fostering sustainability by encouraging schools and colleges to adopt eco-friendly practices and initiatives.

Key Objectives of the Campaign:

Global Participation: The campaign invites educational institutions worldwide to participate in this transformative program, fostering a united front in the global fight for environmental protection.

Hands-On Learning: The “Environment Protection Bank” program emphasizes practical, hands-on learning experiences to enable students to actively engage with environmental issues and solutions.

UN-Approved Curriculum: Leveraging the expertise of the World Environment Council and UN guidelines, the program integrates an UN-approved curriculum focused on environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

Incentivized Eco-Actions: Schools and colleges participating in the program will be encouraged to undertake eco-friendly initiatives, with tangible incentives provided through the “Environment Protection Bank.”

Youth Empowerment: The program aims to empower the youth to be ambassadors of environmental change, fostering a generation that is not only aware of environmental challenges but actively works towards solutions.

Why “Environment Protection Bank”?

The concept of an “Environment Protection Bank” is rooted in the idea that every positive action for the environment is an investment in our shared future. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within educational institutions, the program aims to create a ripple effect, influencing broader communities and societies.

How Schools and Colleges Can Participate:

Educational institutions interested in joining this global movement can register for the campaign on the World Environment Council’s official website. Detailed information about the program, curriculum, and participation guidelines is available to ensure a seamless and impactful integration of the “Environment Protection Bank” in schools and colleges worldwide.

The World Environment Council invites schools, colleges, educators, and students to join hands in this collective effort to build a sustainable future for our planet.

For more information and to register for the campaign, please visit World Environment Council’s official website: www.wec.org.in or contact +91-8130305369 Email id: worldenvironmentcouncil@gmail.com. Together, let’s bank on a greener future!

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ADIPEC 2023, proudly hosted under the patronage of President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has officially commenced today at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Running until October 5, this year’s event, themed “Decarbonizing. Faster. Together,” promises to be the most significant edition to date.

With a mission to advance the decarbonization of today’s energy systems and foster collaboration for tomorrow’s energy solutions, ADIPEC 2023 has drawn the global energy industry’s attention. Over the course of the event, attendees from 164 countries, totaling more than 160,000, will come together to explore, innovate, and discuss the pressing matters facing the energy sector.

This year’s ADIPEC boasts a diverse exhibition program that delves into energy-related technology, innovation, collaboration, and digitalization. The event’s expansive scope is set to create invaluable opportunities for cross-sectoral networking, deal-making, and knowledge exchange.

Notably, ADIPEC 2023 arrives just seven weeks ahead of the UAE’s hosting of COP28, making it a pivotal platform for energy and related industries to converge and align on a future characterized by lower-carbon, high-growth energy solutions.

Among the event’s highlights is the ADIPEC Exhibition, featuring more than 2,200 global companies within 16 exhibition halls and 30 country pavilions. This impressive showcase provides an ideal environment for driving business growth, forging new partnerships, and gaining insights into the industry’s latest trends.

ADIPEC 2023 goes even further by offering four specialized areas designed to facilitate cross-sector collaboration and the creation of game-changing partnerships:

Decarbonization Accelerator: Focusing on the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, this zone brings together experts and innovators to drive sustainable practices.

Maritime and Logistics Zone: Exploring the critical role of logistics in the energy sector, this area highlights innovations in transport and supply chain management.

Digitalization in Energy Zone: Examining the transformative power of digital technologies in the energy sector, this zone showcases the latest advancements in digitalization.

Manufacturing, Industrialization Exhibition and Conference: Providing insights into the future of manufacturing in the energy sector, this segment addresses key industrial trends and innovations.

~ As a media partner of ADIPEC, The Parliament News is thrilled to promote this vital event that stands as a beacon of progress and collaboration in the global energy industry. ADIPEC 2023 promises to set the stage for impactful discussions and innovations that will shape the future of energy. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage and insights from this remarkable event.

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New Delhi: On the auspicious occasion of Teachers’ Day, The World Environment Council in collaboration with the International Environmental Studies Olympiad successfully coordinated an International Webinar on the role of teachers in creating environmental awareness in youth. The webinar came into action at 6 PM, on the 5th of September 2023. The webinar gathered environmentalists, chancellors, university directors, government officials, professors, and school teachers from all across the globe including India, Nepal, USA, Dubai etc.

The webinar commenced with a warm welcome from WEC Member, Aditya Kumar Channa, followed by an introduction by the Advisor of WEC, Dheeraj Kumar, who presented an overview of the World Environment Council (WEC) as well as the International Environmental Studies Olympiad (IESO). The foremost guest speaker was Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan from the Department of School Education, Central University, Punjab. She enlightened the crowd about some key aspects of the role of teachers in fostering environmental awareness in youth and how it is of paramount significance, as they play a pivotal role in molding the attitudes, behaviors, and values of the upcoming generation. Educators are not just instructors; they are mentors and influencers who have the unique opportunity to instill a deep understanding of environmental issues and a sense of responsibility for the planet in their students.

In continuation of the webinar, Dr Ajaykumar Lolage, ex-special officer, Balbharti, Pune; discussed Education and Knowledge Dissemination: “Teachers are the primary source of knowledge for students”. They introduce them to concepts related to the environment, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability. Through well-designed curricula and engaging lessons, teachers expose students to a foundational understanding of environmental issues and also embody them with the Inspiration and Motivation to create a change.

They hold the power to influence their students. By sharing their passion for environmental conservation and sustainability, they can ignite a similar enthusiasm in young minds. Inspirational teachers often lay the foundation by examples, resonating with their actions in taking care of the environment.

Our next Guest Speaker was Dr. Kavita Sharma from Environmental Education (Moef and Cl) (NCERT). She expressed her point of view concerning the theme and also gave a detailed explanation of Empowerment, Global Perspective, Values and Ethics. She also emphasized on  “Adaptation to Change: Teachers help students understand that environmental conditions are constantly changing, and adaptation is key to resilience.” They teach students how to adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change and other environmental challenges. In  the continuation our next guest was Dr. Sukh Dev Singh CEO of IFS, Delhi  . He spoke about  the   Connecting Global Issues to Local Context: Teachers can help students understand how global environmental issues are interconnected with local concerns. By exploring the impact of environmental problems on their own communities, students may be more motivated to take action.

 For Maintaining the continuation of the program, Prof. Mr. Ganesh Channa, Founder and President of the World Environment Council and one of the honorable Guest speakers of the evening, along with our National Education Excellence Awardees, Mrs. Vidhya Jadhav, Prof. Helata Talesra, Dr. Santosh Sonavane, Dr. Bl Yadav, Prof. Hemant Samant, Dr. Chaman Singh Thakur, Mr. Narendra Bogam and Mr. Niranjan Singh, addressed the matter with great concern and encouraged the implementation of reasonable solutions to cope up with the profound initiatives to conserve the mother nature.

The webinar concluded with an interactive session for the non-speaker participants, clarifying their hesitations and doubts. The participation of the respected dignitaries proved to be an asset in making the event successful, implanting ideas to militate the derogation of the environment and promote the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.

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