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“Commencement of Four-Day Chhath Puja Celebrations Nationwide Traditionally”

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The vibrant festivities of Chhath Puja have commenced across the nation, marked by the traditional Nahay Khay ceremony. This auspicious occasion, spanning four days, is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God, revered as the source of life and the fulfiller of wishes. The inaugural day witnessed devotees partaking in the Nahay Khay ritual, which involves an early morning holy dip in rivers, ponds, and reservoirs.

Day One: Nahay Khay Ceremony and Solemn Beginnings

Today, as the Chhath Puja unfolded, devotees immersed themselves in the Nahay Khay ceremony, symbolizing purification and spiritual preparation. The day commenced with the faithful taking a sacred dip in various water bodies. Observing a stringent discipline, they adhered to a single meal, known as Kaddu bhat, meticulously prepared in bronze or soil utensils over traditional soil stoves.

Day Two: Kharna Ritual and Fasting Devotion

Tomorrow, the Kharna ritual will take center stage, as devotees observe a day-long fast, culminating in an evening ceremony post-sunset. This ritual is marked by breaking the fast and offering worship to the Sun God. Following the evening Prasad, devotees embark on a rigorous 36-hour fast without water, showcasing their deep spiritual commitment.

Culmination: Monday Morning Obeisance to the Rising Sun

The grand finale of Chhath Puja will unfold on Monday morning with devotees paying oblations to the rising Sun, concluding the four-day-long celebrations. The spiritual significance of this concluding act symbolizes gratitude, reverence, and the culmination of devoted prayers.

Riverbank Devotion and Sun Temple Celebrations

Devotees, in heartfelt reverence, are performing Chhath Puja rituals on the banks of rivers, creating a picturesque spectacle of faith and tradition. Additionally, elaborate ceremonies are being conducted at renowned Sun temples, including those in Aurangabad, Nalanda, and Patna, in the state of Bihar.

Logistical Arrangements and Communal Spirit

To facilitate the movement of people across the country, the railways have implemented special train services, ensuring that devotees can reunite with their families for this sacred occasion.

As the nation collectively engages in the fervor of Chhath Puja, the rituals and celebrations serve as a testament to the deep-rooted cultural and spiritual fabric that binds communities together. The next few days promise a harmonious blend of devotion, tradition, and communal spirit as the Chhath Puja celebrations unfold.

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