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India’s Political Presence in Geneva to be hoisted by Arindam.

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India’s diplomatic landscape’s surprising twist, Arindam Bagchi, the express the face of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) as its representative, is all ready to carry out a new diplomatic mission. This time, he’s headed to Geneva, where he will tutor the prestigious role of India’s next permanent representative to the United Nations and other global bodies.

This move marks a fascinating chapter in Bagchi’s great career, a change that comes at a time when diplomacy has taken center stage in the global arena.

A Diplomat

Arindam Bagchi, an experienced 1995-batch Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer, has been playing a crucial role in shaping the MEA’s communication strategy. His period as the MEA representative, which began in March 2020 in the middle of the global chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, saw him expertly navigate discussions on critical issues. From addressing the Sino-Indian border tensions to explaining India’s approach to the pandemic and the nation’s role in the G20, Bagchi’s expertise was noticeable.

But this isn’t his first time venturing into this uncharted territory. His journey has been a fascinating blend of experiences. From serving as an Indian envoy in Croatia, an Eastern European nation, to being the Deputy High Commissioner in neighboring Sri Lanka, Bagchi’s resume is a testament to his versatility.

Before taking up the role of MEA representative, he contributed to India’s diplomatic missions in the Prime Minister’s Office and the United Nations in New York.

Geneva Gathering

Now, Geneva Gathering awaits, and Arindam Bagchi is stepping into a role of immense significance. He’s set to succeed Indra Mani Pandey, who has held this pivotal position since July 2020. After a fruitful three-year stint, Pandey is heading back to New Delhi, having completed his mission in Geneva.

While the specific date for Bagchi’s transition remains a well-kept secret, the MEA has confirmed that the handover will happen “shortly.” This appointment not only underscores the faith placed in Bagchi’s diplomatic finesse but also reiterates India’s commitment to playing an active role on the global stage.

As Bagchi takes on his new responsibilities, his tenure in Geneva is poised to influence India’s interactions with the United Nations and numerous international bodies. With his multifaceted career and a reputation for tackling complex international relations, he’s well-positioned to represent India on the global diplomatic chessboard.

With the MEA spokesperson role yet to be filled, the diplomatic community is buzzing with speculation about the potential candidates. Among those being considered are four senior diplomats, including K Nandini Singla, the high commissioner of Mauritius, and Nagaraj Naidu Kakanur, a joint secretary with expertise in G20 affairs.

Arindam Bagchi’s transition to Geneva signifies India’s continued commitment to shaping global conversations, and his diverse career promises a dynamic and insightful tenure in this new role.

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