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SRH Stuns RR to Secure IPL 2024 Final Berth

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Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) have marched into the final of IPL 2024, showcasing their formidable bowling prowess in a thrilling encounter against Rajasthan Royals (RR). The match, held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, saw SRH turn the game on its head, thanks to an extraordinary performance by Shahbaz Ahmed and his fellow bowlers.

Pat Cummins’ Words Ring True

“There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing a big crowd go silent,” Pat Cummins famously remarked on November 18, 2024. The following day, he took Virat Kohli’s wicket, making a stadium filled with 100,000 spectators feel like a ghost town. His words echoed again on May 21, 2024, when he declared, “We have earned the right to have one of those days and still win tournaments.” It took some time for his statement to materialize, but when Cummins speaks, the cricket world listens. SRH, under his leadership, delivered a performance that silenced their critics and propelled them into the IPL 2024 final.

A Crucial Toss and a Strategic Game Plan

Rajasthan Royals won a crucial toss and opted to chase, a decision that seemed wise given the asymmetrical boundaries of the ground – one side measuring 61 meters and the other 72 meters. Such conditions are typically challenging for defending totals, especially if dew becomes a factor. However, fate favored SRH as the dew never came, leaving them with a dry ball and a firm pitch. Cummins and his team capitalized on these conditions brilliantly.

The 33-Ball Masterclass

SRH’s bowlers executed a masterclass, producing a 33-ball period devoid of boundaries, a feat that included four crucial wickets. Shahbaz Ahmed, who had not picked up a wicket since April 5, delivered an exceptional spell, finishing with figures of 4-0-23-3. His timely resurgence was instrumental in stifling the Royals’ chase.

Match Summary

SRH set a target that initially appeared within reach for the Royals, especially considering the shorter boundary on one side. However, SRH’s disciplined bowling turned the game in their favor. The dry conditions allowed them to maintain control and pressure, preventing the Royals from gaining any momentum. Shahbaz Ahmed’s spell, supported by stellar performances from other bowlers, ensured that RR struggled to find the boundary.

A Historic Victory

The victory was not just about individual brilliance but a testament to SRH’s cohesive team effort and strategic planning. Pat Cummins’ leadership and the bowlers’ execution of their roles were pivotal in securing their place in the final. This win was a culmination of their hard work, resilience, and the ability to perform under pressure.

Looking Ahead

With this victory, SRH have earned the right to compete in the IPL 2024 final, where they will face the formidable Sunrisers Hyderabad on May 24. As they prepare for the final showdown, the team carries the momentum of a well-deserved victory and the confidence of having delivered when it mattered the most.


The match against Rajasthan Royals will be remembered as a turning point for SRH in IPL 2024. It highlighted their strength, strategic acumen, and the ability to rise to the occasion. As they head into the final, the cricketing world watches with bated breath, anticipating another thrilling performance from Pat Cummins and his resilient team.

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