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Climate change is a big problem, but two young heroes are making a difference! Michelle Zárate Palomec from Mexico and Sebastian Mwaura from Kenya have been chosen for the UN Global Climate Action Awards. Let’s dive into their incredible stories.

Michelle Zárate Palomec: Water Warrior from Mexico

At the age of 27, Michelle is doing amazing things in her community in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is part of a group called Espacio de Encuentro de las Culturas Originarias. Together, they are helping indigenous communities get clean and enough water. In places where water is scarce and pollution makes life tough, Michelle is a hero.

The project helps these communities with cool and affordable technologies for cleaning water, fixing small areas, and being ready for bad weather. Michelle is the winner in the “resilient nature” category because of her work in making communities strong against challenges.

Sebastian Mwaura: Powering Change in Kenya

Sebastian, who is 35, is making waves in Kenya. He started Yna Kenya to speed up the use of electric cars. But he didn’t stop there. He also created the HerGo program to get more women into driving and owning electric cars. His plan is not just about cars but about using clean energy to power them.

Sebastian is the winner in the “energy transition” category. He believes using electric cars and having many places to charge them is a big part of making our future safe from climate change.

A Big Celebration Coming Up!

The UN Global Climate Action Awards will be given to Michelle and Sebastian on December 8, 2023, in Dubai. The event will be super cool with a famous journalist and climate supporter, Sophia Li, hosting. AY Young, who is not just a great singer but also a leader for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, will perform. There will also be music from Erick Marques, a DJ from Brazil.

Simon Stiell, the big boss at UN Climate Change, will speak at the ceremony. It’s going to be a celebration of these young leaders and their awesome efforts!

Why This Matters?

These awards are not just about clapping for Michelle and Sebastian. They show us that young people can make a big change. It’s like saying, “Hey, we can solve the climate problem if we work together!” Michelle and Sebastian are like superheroes, and their work is an example for all of us.

Thanks to UN Climate Change and partners like the International Renewable Energy Agency, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the United Arab Emirates for making these awards happen. Let’s celebrate the young heroes and hope their stories inspire more amazing actions for our planet!

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