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“Almost Fell Asleep”: Joe Biden Reacts to Debate Debacle Against Trump

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President Joe Biden Cites Jet Lag for Subpar Debate Performance

US President Joe Biden has attributed his less-than-stellar debate performance against former President Donald Trump to jet lag from his recent international travels. Addressing a fundraiser, Biden acknowledged the criticism and took responsibility for his faltering delivery during the highly anticipated debate.

“It’s not an excuse, but an explanation,” Biden said, reflecting on his performance. “I wasn’t very smart for traveling around the world a couple of times… shortly before the debate. I didn’t listen to my staff, and then I almost fell asleep on stage.”

A Grueling Travel Schedule

In the two weeks leading up to the debate, Biden embarked on an extensive travel itinerary that included trips to France, Italy, and multiple stops back in the United States. Despite the physically demanding schedule, he took only a few days to rest at his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, before the debate. Observers noted that the President appeared fatigued and sluggish during this period.

Struggles on the Debate Stage

The debate, marking the first-ever confrontation between a sitting president and a former president, was a high-stakes event. Biden, known for his gaffes, appeared to struggle while responding to Trump’s aggressive attacks. Trump, in his usual bombastic style, criticized Biden’s handling of the economy and foreign policy, labeling him a failure. Biden attempted to counter these accusations, but his delivery was hesitant, his voice often trailing off, and he stumbled over his words multiple times.

The 81-year-old President’s performance has intensified calls from within the Democratic Party for him to reconsider his bid for a second term. Critics argue that his age and the demands of the presidency may be too much, prompting discussions about the need for “soul-searching” within the party.

Reactions and Defense

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged the challenging debate performance, calling it “a bad night” but emphasized Biden’s resilience. “He knows how to come back from adversity,” she said, expressing confidence in the President’s ability to recover from the setback.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also came to Biden’s defense, suggesting that the President’s overall record and achievements since taking office should be the focus, rather than a single night’s performance. “People around the world are looking at what Biden has done since coming into office, not just one night, and they appreciate his policies,” Blinken remarked.

Future Implications

Biden’s candid admission about his travel-induced fatigue and its impact on his debate performance has opened up a broader conversation about his fitness for the rigorous demands of the presidency. As the election season heats up, both his supporters and critics will be closely watching how he manages his schedule and public appearances.

The President’s remarks and the subsequent fallout highlight the intense scrutiny on his capability to lead, especially given his age. With the stakes higher than ever, Biden’s ability to navigate these challenges will be crucial in shaping his political future and the direction of the Democratic Party.

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