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G20’s Unity and India’s Influence: A Recap of the New Delhi Summit. What’s more?

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India Passes G20 Leadership Baton to Brazil The 18th G20 Summit successfully concluded in New Delhi on September 10, 2023, marking a pivotal moment as India formally handed over the Presidency to Brazil. The closing ceremony witnessed Prime Minister Narendra Modi passing the ceremonial gavel to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. Confidence in Brazil’s Leadership During his speech at the ceremony, Prime Minister Modi expressed confidence in Brazil’s ability to lead the G20 forum and achieve common goals. He also put forward a proposal for a virtual G20 session in late November to review the progress made during this Summit. Warm Welcome to the African Union President Lula Da Silva, upon receiving the gavel, warmly appreciated India’s leadership in the G20 Presidency. He acknowledged India’s role in representing issues vital to emerging economies and extended a warm welcome to the African Union as a full member of the group. Key Global Issues Addressed In the Summit’s third session titled “One Future,” Prime Minister Modi addressed several critical global issues. He emphasized the urgent need for reforms in the United Nations Security Council, advocating for a new global structure. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of expanding the mandate of Multilateral Development Banks and establishing global standards for regulating cryptocurrencies. Modi urged member nations to collaborate on initiatives such as the Green Development Pact, Action Plan on Sustainable Development Goals, and Digital Public Infrastructure. Pathbreaking Initiatives Under India’s Leadership During the G20 Summit, India, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, introduced groundbreaking initiatives and decisions. Key highlights included the inclusion of the African Union in the G20, the launch of the Global Biofuel Alliance to promote biofuel usage through international cooperation, and the initiation of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor and Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment. These initiatives aim to foster economic integration between India, West Asia, and Europe, fostering sustainable global connectivity and development. Human-Centric Approach and Emphasis on Technology Prime Minister Modi also underscored the importance of adopting a human-centric approach to solving long-standing problems and highlighted the pivotal role of technology in development. He cited the example of digital public infrastructure as a powerful catalyst for progress. Unanimous Adoption of G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration India’s G20 Presidency successfully achieved consensus among member nations on critical issues, as reflected in the unanimously adopted G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration. This landmark document underscores India’s growing global influence. Showcasing India’s Cultural Legacy and Soft Power Beyond its diplomatic and leadership role, the G20 Summit showcased India’s rich cultural legacy and soft power. The theme of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam,” the venue named “Bharat Mandapam,” and cultural symbols such as the Natraj statue and Konark Chakra prominently featured in the event. Iconic Konark Sun Temple Wheel Takes Center Stage The iconic Konark Sun Temple wheel took center stage, serving as the backdrop for Prime Minister Modi’s interactions with delegates. He explained its significance to many state heads, highlighting India’s cultural heritage. Celebrating Democracy and Yoga A picture gallery at Mandapam showcased India’s rich heritage and history of democracy, emphasizing its role as the “mother of democracy.” The event also featured poses of Yoga depicted on walls, celebrating India’s contributions to wellness and spirituality. Rich Musical Heritage and Craftsmanship

A musical evening featuring Indian classical and folk music, along with rare instruments, presented the rich legacy of the country. Khadi, a symbol of Indian heritage, adorned the necks of world leaders at Rajghat. Handicrafts and special items from different Indian states were major attractions among the delegates.

Global Appeal of Indian Attire

Notably, the spouse of the PM of Japan chose to wear a Sari to attend the State dinner party, exemplifying the global appeal of Indian attire.

The 18th G20 Summit marked a testament to India’s global influence, diplomatic prowess, and vibrant cultural heritage. It sets the stage for continued international cooperation and progress.

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