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Pakistan’s Quest to Break the ‘India Jinx’ at the World Cup. What’s more ?

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Pressure, Records, and the Battle Ahead: Can Pakistan Change the Narrative?

In the world of cricket’s most intense rivalry, there’s one undeniable fact: India has triumphed over Pakistan every time they’ve met in the ICC Cricket World Cup, all seven times.

As they prepare to face India once again in Ahmedabad, Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, and his team are determined to break the pattern. But what’s behind India’s unbroken streak?

Is it luck, or do other factors come into play? India’s success in five of the seven tosses has been noted, as well as Pakistan’s ability to handle pressure.

Pakistan’s legendary cricketer, Wasim Akram, said, “We played seven games, and our neighboring country reminds us every second day about the 7-0. Frankly speaking, I can’t single out one reason for the losing streak.”

Inzamam-ul-Haq, who was on the losing side four times, suggests that handling the pressure may be the key, saying, “Maybe India handled the pressure better than us on the day of the match, and winning most of the tosses also gave them an advantage.”

Even when Pakistan did win the toss, fortune didn’t smile upon them. Matches like the one in Manchester in 2019, where Rohit Sharma’s brilliance led India to victory, showcased India’s determination.

The rivalry between India and Pakistan has always been intense, but it reached its peak during their World Cup encounters. Can Pakistan change their fate this time?

Wasim Akram believes it’s possible, saying, “That jinx will be broken one day, and this current Pakistan team is capable of doing that.”

As the world watches this historic rivalry continue, the stage is set for high-octane cricket and suspense. Ahmedabad promises a chance for Pakistan to script a new chapter in cricketing history.

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