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PM Modi Says, India will Lead the world on 6G.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a playful jab at the Congress party during a telecom event in Delhi. He drew an amusing analogy between the Indian political landscape in 2014 and outdated mobile phones, invoking laughter from the audience.

“Outdated Phones” and Political Change

PM Modi humorously recalled how, just like outdated phones that refused to restart or respond, the country chose to leave behind the past and usher in a wave of change in 2014. It was a pivotal year, marking his first term as Prime Minister, where the BJP secured a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha Elections.

The Prime Minister emphasized that 2014 wasn’t merely a date; it symbolized a profound transformation—a “badlav” (change). He drew a parallel between the frozen screens of outdated phones and the state of the previous government, suggesting that both were in a ‘frozen’ state.

India’s Tech Resurgence

During his address at the ‘India Mobile Congress,’ PM Modi showcased India’s growing significance in the global tech landscape. He highlighted how major tech giants, including Apple and Google, are making substantial investments in manufacturing in India. “Recently, Google has announced the manufacturing of its Pixel phone in India. Samsung’s Fold 5 mobile phone and Apple’s iPhone 15 are being manufactured in India,” he proudly revealed.

PM Modi also celebrated India’s remarkable progress in mobile broadband speed, which has seen the country ascend to the 43rd position from a previous rank of 11. He stressed that his government’s top priorities include providing citizens with access to capital, resources, and technology.

Leading the Way in Tech Innovation

The Prime Minister shared his vision of a world where ‘made in India’ phones are ubiquitous. Beyond the expansion of 5G technology, he unveiled India’s ambition to become a global leader in 6G technology. PM Modi’s address illustrated India’s growing influence in the tech realm, positioning the nation as a hub of innovation and technological advancement.

In his unique and engaging style, PM Modi conveyed the profound changes and progress that have defined his tenure, leaving the audience both entertained and inspired.

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