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Parliament Session Highlights: Both Houses Adjourned for the Day

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In a significant session of the Indian Parliament, President Droupadi Murmu addressed a joint sitting on Thursday, marking her first presidential address since the BJP-led NDA government secured a third consecutive term. During her speech, President Murmu launched a pointed critique of the Emergency imposed by the Congress government in 1975, labeling it the “biggest” and “darkest” chapter in the history of India’s democracy, a direct assault on the Constitution.

Key Issues Addressed

President Murmu also touched upon contemporary concerns, notably the alleged irregularities in the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test-Undergraduate (NEET UG-2024). She assured the Parliament that the ongoing Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the NEET paper leak case would ensure accountability and transparency.

Following the President’s address, a motion of thanks was proposed in both Houses of Parliament, setting the stage for subsequent discussions among lawmakers. This session marks the commencement of the first meeting of the 18th Lok Sabha, with the Rajya Sabha session starting on the same day.

Election of Lok Sabha Speaker

In a significant development on Wednesday, Om Birla was re-elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved the motion in the House, and Birla emerged victorious against the Opposition’s candidate, Congress MP Kodikkunil Suresh, through a voice vote. This marks the second consecutive term for Birla as Speaker, reflecting the NDA’s continued dominance in the lower house.

Congratulatory Messages and Vision for the 18th Lok Sabha

Post-election, Speaker Birla received congratulations from key political figures, including Prime Minister Modi and Leader of the Opposition Rahul Gandhi, along with various leaders from both the NDA and the opposition. In his address, Birla emphasized the need for a new vision and resolve for the 18th Lok Sabha. He called for the House to become a center of creative thinking and new ideas, aiming to uphold high standards of parliamentary traditions and dignity. Birla underscored the importance of working towards the goal of a developed India, or Viksit Bharat.

Commemoration of Emergency Anniversary

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Emergency imposed on June 26, 1975, Speaker Birla praised the resilience and determination of those who opposed the Emergency and fought to protect India’s democracy. His remarks served as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding democratic principles and the rule of law.

Adjournment of Both Houses

After a day filled with significant addresses and discussions, both Houses of Parliament were adjourned for the day. The session highlighted crucial issues, set the tone for future legislative debates, and reinforced the commitment to democratic values and accountability.

As the 18th Lok Sabha embarks on its journey, the focus will remain on fostering innovative ideas, maintaining parliamentary decorum, and addressing the pressing concerns of the nation.

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