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PM Narendra Modi Reflects on 75 Years of Parliament’s Journey: Trust, Achievements, and the Transition to a New Building.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a discussion on the 75-year journey of the Indian Parliament, commencing from the Samvidhan Sabha, highlighting its achievements, experiences, memories, and lessons. He emphasized that the Parliament has garnered ever-growing trust from the people, making it a focal point of public faith. The Prime Minister commended the united efforts of the nation over the past 75 years, leading to India’s achievements being recognized globally, including the recent success of Chandrayaan-3.

PM Modi underlined that this achievement signifies India’s strength in science, technology, the potential of Indian scientists, and the unity of its 1.4 billion citizens. He also mentioned the impending shift of the Parliament to a new building and acknowledged the historical significance of the existing structure, originally the Imperial Legislative Council, built with the hard work, sweat, and resources of Indians.

The Prime Minister celebrated India’s success in hosting the G20 Summit, emphasizing that it symbolizes India’s emergence as a global friend. He stressed that this achievement transcends individual or party affiliations, and India’s friendship is sought after by nations worldwide. PM Modi highlighted that this Parliament has played a pivotal role in resolving long-pending issues and witnessed significant historical events, including support for the Bangladesh Liberation movement and the challenges posed during the Emergency.

He paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to protect the Parliament and acknowledged the contributions of chamber attendants and House officials in ensuring its smooth functioning. PM Modi acknowledged the visionary leadership of leaders like Nehru, Shastri, and Vajpayee, who have presented their visions for India in this Parliament. He noted that over 7,500 members have contributed to both Houses, with around 600 women MPs enhancing the dignity of the institution.

Concluding, PM Modi expressed confidence that as the Parliament moves to a new building, members will approach it with renewed hope and confidence. The discussion also saw leaders from various political parties sharing their emotional sentiments about bidding farewell to the old Parliament building while cherishing its legacy as a golden era in Indian democracy.

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